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What a bleedin’ day. For those who have had to etch out a synopsis, I think only you can sympathise with my situation. I am allotted 500 to 1,000 words for the 2017 CWA Debut Dagger Award. I have no problem waffling on; that’s how I find it easy to flesh out novels. It’s the ‘unwaffling’ I have a problem with – as we all do, paring down my 105,000 to a minor precis.

I’ve got the bare bones done, and have given it a ‘once over’. Now I’m up to the tried and trusted ‘leave-it-for-the-night-and-look-at-it-tomorrow routine. I have two threads of back story running through this one, so it becomes increasingly difficult to slash out the irrelevant. WTF? If it was ‘irrelevant’ it wouldn’t be there in the first place!!

So, I am not really seeking advice, for unless someone has read the MS, none can be offered. I just want to have a small rant that will be easily understood by many who have experienced the same predicament.

Paige Elizabeth Turner
Paige writes across a variety of genres, but prefers to concentrate on her crime / mystery series featuring Private Investigator Olivia Watts and her Watts Happening? Investigations agency. Also dabbling in poetry, Paige produces emotive verse from romance through to environmental issues. Writing is her lifeblood, but as experienced by many writers, there’s a shortfall of financial nutrients feeding the blood.

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  • If we could tell the story in a page or two we wouldn’t have written a full length novel, would we?

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