Poor Barbie

As a follower of the arts, always seeking out new and exciting developments in national dailies, I was astounded to read that a Birmingham entrepreneurial mum has taken Mattel’s Barbie and forced a new religion upon her. We now have Muslim Barbie, complete with optional tiny prayer mat. I am not fazed about anyone’s (or anything’s) religion, but Barbie has always been a down-to-earth, might I say non-political? kinda gal. Sure, a young girl of Islamic faith may well love to play with Muslim Barbie, but I am left wondering what Mattel might think.

On doing a few searches, I find a number of manufactures producing different variations, ‘Hijabarbie’ for one. So, will there be a ‘Mufti Ken’ doll?  

Paige Elizabeth Turner
Paige writes across a variety of genres, but prefers to concentrate on her crime / mystery series featuring Private Investigator Olivia Watts and her Watts Happening? Investigations agency. Also dabbling in poetry, Paige produces emotive verse from romance through to environmental issues. Writing is her lifeblood, but as experienced by many writers, there’s a shortfall of financial nutrients feeding the blood.

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