Competition Streak

Over the past fortnight I have entered seven competitions of various disciplines.

There’s a novel submitted to a book competition; a 3,000-word snapshot, plus synopsis, of a forthcoming novel to the CWA Dagger Award; four short stories to various comps as advertised in Writing Magazine; and a poem to the Bristol Poetry Award.

Having cleared my system of all things competitive, I shall concentrate on my next novel. For me, the best part of a writing project is the beginning. Some of us have no idea where a story will take us—it just happens. Others, of course, have the best laid plans!

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. As many have said: Just write and see what happens!


Paige Elizabeth Turner
Paige writes across a variety of genres, but prefers to concentrate on her crime / mystery series featuring Private Investigator Olivia Watts and her Watts Happening? Investigations agency. Also dabbling in poetry, Paige produces emotive verse from romance through to environmental issues. Writing is her lifeblood, but as experienced by many writers, there’s a shortfall of financial nutrients feeding the blood.

3 Responses to “Competition Streak

  • Helen Laycock
    1 year ago

    Well done, Paige, and good luck with the results. I must confess to being a little disappointed that it’s all good stuff that you’ve been up to; I was expecting a tad of naughtiness…

  • Aww. I love the naughtiness too, but as has been discussed before, the written word can so easily be misinterpreted. I thrive on double-entendres and sarcasm, but have so often paid a penalty. But I shall subscribe to your wish: I’ll conjure a special blog post for tomorrow!!

  • Good luck with the writing competitions, Paige. I really should enter a few myself.

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