Child’s Birthday Wish

I’d like to bake a chocolate cake

with strange and yukky things;

long spiders’ legs and a slippery snake

and beautiful butterflies’ wings.


Inside would be some elephant ears

and a dozen donkey’s tails

then a cup or two of crocodile tears

and sixteen slimy snails.


In the middle I’d spread some jackfruit jam

mixed with piercing eagles’ eyes

and some old and mouldy strips of ham

will add to your surprise.


So when mum puts this in your dish

you’ll take a bite then spew;

just think about this birthday wish,

on a day that’s just for you.

Paige Elizabeth Turner
Paige writes across a variety of genres, but prefers to concentrate on her crime / mystery series featuring Private Investigator Olivia Watts and her Watts Happening? Investigations agency. Also dabbling in poetry, Paige produces emotive verse from romance through to environmental issues. Writing is her lifeblood, but as experienced by many writers, there’s a shortfall of financial nutrients feeding the blood.

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