Something Special

Cards by Paige

As a true romantic, Paige was always disappointed to receive cards from boyfriends and partners that showed little emotion. The days of ‘Roses are red, violets are blue . . .’ soppiness are long gone. A woman wants (and deserves) heart-melting and head-lightening words that men seem incapable of producing. Paige identified a market shortfall, so launched what she describes as ‘Romance Cards’ as opposed to ‘greeting cards’.

On the face, there appears no difference. The proof lies inside the cover: the cards are heavily text-based. Three or four verses as opposed to the usual three or four lines. The cards are an ideal accompaniment to a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates, and will capture any girl’s heart.


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Sunset Card by Paige

£1.49p inc p&p


Yearn Card by Paige

£1.49p inc p&p


Desert Card by Paige

£1.49p inc p&p


Whisper Card by Paige

£1.49p inc p&p


Collection by Paige

5 of each Cards £16

All the Cards by Paige contain a romantic verse inside, include an envelope and are 104 x 225mm.