Clockface of Ills

Clockface of Ills
Series: Watts Happening? Investigations series, Book 3
Genre: Crime / Mystery
Publication Year: November 2017
Private Investigator Olivia Watts accepts Superintendent Jack Thornton’s engagement to tail and report on police informer, Gillian Trotter. When she discovers the job overlaps an Internal Affairs enquiry of former colleague DI Phillip McMaster, she uncovers the prospect of his involvement in unlawful activities.
About the Book

After a suspicious accident hospitalises McMaster, Watts probes deeper into his clandestine activities. She exposes a plot conceived by McMaster and local solicitor, Jeff Main, to secure the purchase of a property, under which McMaster believes lies a rich vein of gold. When Angelo Caruso, the son of that neighbour, is found dead in McMaster’s shed, Watts suspects Angelo’s father’s recent passing was other than by natural causes.  

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