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Paige Elizabeth Turner

It might have been destiny that Paige became a writer. If only she had recognised that in her teen years, this website could be a testament to one hundred novels.

Paige’s father was a journalist with London’s Daily Telegraph. (Perhaps the journalist’s warped sense of humour led to Paige’s given name!)  As a young child, Paige desperately wanted to see her father’s workplace; the printing presses and such, just as is any child’s wish to see their father’s workplace. No such visit ever occurred.

Fair to say then, that Paige did not receive a ‘literary’ upbringing. To the contrary, she was a non-achiever at school, always falling in the bottom five of the class rankings.

It was not until early adult years when the hand of love touched Paige did she begin scrawling ‘poetry’ – or what she termed poetry. Fair to say that a novice will describe any rhyming lines as poetry, whether or not they have metre, correct syllable counts etcetera. Later, when that same hand of love grasped a knife and plunged it deep into Paige’s back, did she return to her poetry, this time with a dark and negative slant on love and emotion. How life experiences mould one’s outlook on life in general.

Paige discovered the joy of immersion in writing, of reading books, and of finding ways to improve her ‘craft’. She attended college part-time and attained a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, that qualification allowing her to progress to University.

Paige’s working career commenced on retail shop floors; it progressed through to her spending six years in law enforcement (Transit Police) a subsequent return to retail and finally, to an assortment of personnel agency jobs. That varied career has provided Paige with a catalogue of experiences, some of which form the foundation of her novels.

The Watts Happening? Investigations series, featuring Olivia Watts (who resigns from West Mercia Police to commence her agency) is an on-going series with a chain of five novels scheduled for publication. Readers will identify with Paige’s influence by authors Sue Grafton (Alphabet series featuring Kinsey Millhone) the late and respected PD James (whose style could be described as ‘too wordy’) and John Grisham/Scott Turow’s legal drama.

Paige’s poetry interests have not lapsed. She has written verse for a series of Romance Cards and Valentine’s Day cards, published by Petals Publishing Ltd.